Impact = Profit * Purpose

We believe that our world needs successful entrepreneurship for a healthy progress. ‘Business as a force for good’. Maybe you hear more about this. The most frequently asked question we get is: ‘But how?’.

It simply starts with the impact formula for positive impact. Essentially the formula is deceivingly simple: Impact = Profit * Purpose. Maximise your impact by maximising your profit and maximising your purpose. We back this formula up with practical tools that you can apply immediately in your own business.

When you work with the impact formula, you will need to make five decisions to bring profit and purpose in a dynamic equilibrium:

1 the right people in the right seat. People are crucial for profit and for purpose. People are your greatest asset or biggest liability. Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone today?
2 a distinctive strategy. The more distinctive your strategy is, the more value your company will create for your stakeholders. It is for stakeholders also easier to find you and engage with you. Can everyone in your company state the company’s strategy in one and the same sentence?
3 drama-fee execution. Discipline sets you free. Meaningful priorities, smart metrics and a meeting rhythm that works are the three ingredients. The most efficient execuction drives profit and enables purpose. Is your company now the most profitable in your industry?
4 cash flow as oxygen for growth. When your cash flow dries up, it is game over. Your company requires a healthy cash flow for healthy growing. Cash flow should enable you to accelerate you, not to slow you down. How many necessary decisions have you not able to take because of cash flow constraints?
5 impact: your business as a force for good. Combine financial success with social value. Strive for an impact that goes beyond success for your company and your customers right now. Now do you define impact and how do you measure long term impact?

ScaleUp Impact learns entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to be ready for a prosperous future with inspiring education and practical tools. We believe that you should bring your team. To elevate your team it may not go faster, but it will certainly be more fun and sustainable.

The Scaling Impact approach is based on education for entrepreneurial teams with practical tools, learning in your own company by immediately applying these tools and collectively learn from what goes well and what needs to be improved.

Do you like to know more? Please contact one of our impactpreneurs to discuss which possibilities there are and could fit your specific situation. Whatever that conversation will bring… we promise you at least one eye-opener that you can apply immediately!

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