what is impact?

We believe that a business is a force for do good. To create significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge. But ‘how’ to do this? That is our impact formula: impact = profit * purpose. Find out how this works for your business.

make purpose profitable

First profit, then purpose. Profit is required to drive purpose. You will need to kickstart two different engines: the profit engine and the purpose engine. Bring them in a dynamic equilibrium once defined and started.

how to make impact?

First profit, then purpose. Sufficient profit will power purpose. But how to do this? By adopting a new mindset, applying the scaling impact process and learning new skills. You can start now.

outgrowing a startup

You will enter a new level of entrepreneurship when outgrowing your startup. New rules apply. So make sure learn what these new rules are and how to use them in your fast-growing business.

from chaos to change

Daily firefighting seems to be your job. You may even be good at it. But it comes at a huge price.  Stop firefighting, start leading. Leading by working ‘on’ your company so that there are substantially less fires in the first place. That makes you free to change whatever you feel needs to be changed.

how to be the best

With your inspiring vision you want to build a great company. ‘Focus’ and a ‘learning culture’ are two important secrets achieving that. Make sure you will achieve the full potential of you, your idea and your company.